Companies TRANS TRADE KOSTIC and TTK MASTERCAR deal with international vehicle transport.

Our clients are importers and dealers of used and new vehicles. Our modern vehicle fleet led by newest Mercedes and Iveco car carriers, which are 24/7 available, make that transport secure.

All vehicles for transport are insured and have all necessary licenses and certificates for working in international traffic.

We are able to respond all your requests on the issue of destinations, quantity (partial or full load) and the types of vehicles being transported (passenger or cargo vehicles). By using our own fleet, we are able to closely follow transport working process, enabling us to maintain a high level of service quality and customer satisfaction.

All activities in the sector of international transport laid out clear procedures with the aim of providing safe and reliable transport vehicles.

Your every request for vehicle transport will be processed immediately, responsibly and professionally by making you satisfied with all respect of deadliness.

Trans Trade Kostic and TTK MasterCar operating as specialized companies for transport vehicles in the country and abroad. In our fleet we have Euro 5 and Euro 6 trucks that are available 24/7. We transported over 50,000 vehicles mainly branded "Skoda" that are a priority, as well as vehicle "Porsche", "Mazda" and other types of passenger cars.

In addition to transport your car, we can perform the transport trucks, working machines, combine harvesters etc. Our biggest advantage is that our trucks are located across Europe and we are always able to make the quickest way to perform the transportation of your car.

Our trucks also have satellite tracking devices, hereby you will know at any time the current location of your vehicle which we carrie.

OUR MISSION - based on service quality, customer satisfaction and constant monitoring of new trends and technologies, which helps to maintain a competitive market position.

OUR GOALS - are clearly defined through long-term and short-term plans, which were created by projects and programs whose implementation will lead to the planned results.

OUR VISION - Leading companies in this part of Serbia, which quality meets the transportation needs of its customers.